Basic Concept of Radiation Protection

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A. Understanding how time, distance and shielding can reduce radiation exposure

B. Demonstrate the mathematics of time, distance and shielding

C. List the various methods for monitoring radiation exposure.

D. Describe the NRC regulations incoming and outgoing shipments.

E. Discuss proper storage methods of PET radiopharmaceuticals.

F.Demonstrate proper NRC recordkeeping and accountability methods.

G. Demonstrate decontamination methods.

H. Demonstrate proper disposal of radioactive and biological waste

I. Discuss the documentation of medical events.

J. Review monthly personnel exposure records.

K. Notifying the appropriate authorities in the event of misadminstration.

L. Informing the patient, family and staff in proper radiation safety precautions after the procedure.

M. Provide instruction on proper radiation emergency procedures.

N. Demonstrate how to perfom wipe test and area radiation surveys.

and much more.

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