2002A Introduction to Nuclear Medicine and PET

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Nuclear Medicine Procedures Manuel
2002A Introduction to Nuclear Medicine and PET
2002C Nuclear Medicine and PET Instrumentation
2002B Nuclear Medicine and PET Radiobiology
2002D Nuclear Medicine and PET Procedures
Anatomy & Physiology
Licensing and Regulatory Bodies
Mathematics And Statistics
Patient Care and Quality Improvement
Radiation Biology
Physics of Nuclear Medicine
Radiochemistry & Radiopharmacology
Radiation Safety (Protection)
Radiation Terminology
Cross Sectional Anatomy
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Categorized Class Downloads

Physics of Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear M edcicine Physics Review

Background Radiation

Self Test -Background Radiation

Atomic & Nuclear Structure

Self Test - Atomic and Nuclear Structure

Nuclear Stability

Self Test - Nuclear Stability

Alpha Decay

Self Test - Alpha Decay

Negative Decay

Self Test - Negative Decay

Positron & Electron Capture

Self Test - Positron and Electron Capture

Gamma Radiation

Self Test - Gamma Radiation

Photon Interaction in Matter

Self Test - Photon interaction in matter

Radioactivity Units


Self Test - Activity

Specific Activity & Concentration

Self Test

Radiation Units

Self Test


Acqusition Types

General Detectors Characteristics

Self Test

Gaseous Detectors/Topic 12A Pocket & Ion Chambers

Self Test

Scintaillation Detectors

Self Test

Nuclear Pharmacy & Radiopharmaceuticals

Radiopharmaceuticals (For Radioisotope Imaging)

Radiation Safety

Regulatory Agencies

Self Test

Exposure Limits

Self Test

Measuring Your Occupation Dose

Self Test

Irradiation & Contamination

Self Test

Radiation Biology

Self Test

The Pregnant Worker

Self Test


Intro to SPECT Imaging

Primer Of SPECT

SPECT Gantry

SPECT Body Contour & Cor (SPECT)

SPECT vs. Planar Imaging

SPECT Reconstruction

Steps in SPECT

SPECT Filtering

SPECT QA & QC (Instrumentation)

Principles Of Tomographic Reconstruction


Nuclear Imaging

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