Procedural Notecards

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Procedural Notecards
Nuclear Medicine Procedures Manuel
2002A Introduction to Nuclear Medicine and PET
2002C Nuclear Medicine and PET Instrumentation
2002B Nuclear Medicine and PET Radiobiology
2002D Nuclear Medicine and PET Procedures
Anatomy & Physiology
Licensing and Regulatory Bodies
Mathematics And Statistics
Patient Care and Quality Improvement
Radiation Biology
Physics of Nuclear Medicine
Radiochemistry & Radiopharmacology
Radiation Safety (Protection)
Radiation Terminology
Cross Sectional Anatomy
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Procedural Notecards


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Procedural Notecards

Notecards format is currently being revised for easier and faster access to information that is needed immediately. Supplies will be available by the end of the month.

Notecards contain all the required general nuclear medicine studies. It also includes dosages per body weight.

Cards are printed on 6" x 4" index cards that will fit quite easily in lab coat pockets.

Please contact Tim to place your order at:  or call
Tel: 239 821-0375

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